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Mad Hatter's Travelling Tea Party

From the team behind the award winning “THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride”, the not to be missed Mad Hatter’s Travelling Tea Party travels across the UK this year!

Are you brave, curious and the slightest bit partial to a pot of tea? If so, can you help Alice, Hatter and even the mischievous Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum solve their riddle and bring Alice and all of you, home from Wonderland? But make sure they don’t bump into the terrifying ruler of Wonderland the Queen of Hearts along their way!

On your journey Alice and friends will delight and immerse you with their tales of Wonderland. You may even be asked to help as the beloved characters grow ‘curiouser and curiouser’ in finding their way back home from wonderland.

Before the show there will be photo and meet and greet opportunities on the platform with the peculiar inhabitants of Wonderland, so why not come dressed up as your favourite characters!

Make sure to snap up your tickets now as the Queen of Hearts Ruler of Wonderland is in a frightful rage and must not be kept waiting!

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