The Experience

 Please note this is an outline of the experience however it may alter at different venues.

Dive down the rabbit hole and you just might find yourself in Wonderland! The Mad Hatter’s Travelling Tea Party has arrived, bringing with it an assortment of madness from Lewis Carroll’s beloved characters. 

You are invited to dress up for the occasion, and lots of people do – adults and children alike can indulge in the Wonderland themed dress up, to feel even more involved in the magic.

Waiting at the platform, a sense of anticipation is building as the characters weave between passengers, greeting them and maybe even posing for a picture with the family. However, as the time comes for your train to leave, you’ll be treated to a very special dance, welcoming you to Wonderland in style. You’ll then be invited to board the train (so make sure you have your letter with seat allocations to hand, as the Wonderlanders will help point you to your seats). 

Once on board, it’s time to get settled into your seats, take your coats off and relax as the journey unfolds, enveloping you and your family into the magical world of Wonderland. Sing along to the ‘Runaway Train’ (words for this are in your activity packs!) and then get ready to be thrown headfirst into some very strange happenings.

The story of Alice in Wonderland will come to life before your eyes, as a dazzling and immersive show is brought right to your seat. From Alice and the White Rabbit to the wicked Queen of Hearts and her incompetent (and hilarious) servants, your favourite characters from the stories will be roaming the train, each on their own quest which will entertain the whole family. 

Where are the Queen of Heart’s tarts, and just who has stolen them? Whoever it was might just be given the royal proclamation, “off with your head!”. As the Mad Hatter and March Hare cavort through the train, Hatter will provide you with some riddles to ponder on as well as some joyful chaos – and maybe even a story! The Tweedle Twins are making the most of the other Wonderlanders’ distraction to cause havoc amongst the passengers, whilst poor Alice just wants to get home – whilst indulging in her own curiosity to chase the White Rabbit and find out what exactly is going on. 

As you enjoy your cakes and cold drinks, you will travel through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, with stunning views appearing out of your windows. Make sure to make use of your free and exclusive activity pack, with crayons to complete the colouring and other activities contained within. 

In between visits from the inhabitants of Wonderland, stories and hints for the overall story will be discussed by the invisible Cheshire cat and the Dormouse, who is hiding somewhere in the carriage… make sure you keep your eyes peeled in case any trace of the Cat appears!

In the whirlwind of mystery and magic that occurs during this 75 minute long show (because yes, it is a fully theatrical show on board a train!), guests are invited to participate by guessing at the Mad Hatter’s riddle, which will help you all learn how to get home from Wonderland. The riddle is in your activity packs, and as well as the hints on the page, the words all form the theme for the characters’ interactions. If you’re still stuck, Dormouse and Cheshire Cat will talk you through the solution at the end of the journey!

As you leave the train at the end of the show, full of delicious cake and still giggling from the silly Wonderland residents, they’ll be waiting for you on the platform (weather dependent) to do a meet and greet and take photos with you and the whole family. Don’t forget to tag us in them on social media, we love to see your smiling faces at the end of a magical adventure!

Don’t delay, book the Mad Hatter’s Travelling Tea Party today – whether it’s your birthday or an important date, you can’t be late for tea! 

What age is this suitable for?

The show is suitable for all ages. It is family friendly and suitable for age 0-120! It is scripted, with lots of talking and interactions as opposed to a simple meet and greet, with 9 Wonderland characters coming through the carriages. Your children will need to be able to stay in their seats, both as part of railway safety and also as the aisles are used both as a stage and as a travel route for the characters throughout the show, therefore must be kept clear. 

We are an adult only group. Is this ok?

We welcome Wonderlanders of all shapes and sizes to the Mad Hatter’s Travelling Tea Party! Adult only groups are welcome to join us on board, particularly if they are going to join in!

Do we have to dress up?

Dressing up is entirely optional, you do not have to dress up. It is, however, encouraged.

Are there any additional costs? What does my ticket include?

There are no hidden charges on the day. Your ticket includes a hot or cold drink, a selection of cake, the show (including a ride on the train) and an activity pack. 

Is the event accessible?

The carriages used for this event are heritage railway carriages, which means they are not wheelchair or pushchair accessible. However, guests who are able to transfer from their wheelchair to the train (up 2 steps) should let us know so that we can allocate you seats closest to a door. 

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